One Wink At A time- Stila- Night Flower- Blu Orchid(Second Look)

2015-01-16 STILA- BLU ORCHID

2015-01-16 STILA-BLU ORCHID  Products

2015-01-16 STILA-BLU ORCHID  Eyes Closed

2015-01-16 STILA-BLU ORCHID  Eyes Open


One Wink At A Time-Gosh quattro eye shadow-Q52(second look)

As I have posted one post about the “One Wink At A Time”, I now shall carry on with this topic, about the same palette–Gosh quattro eye shadow-Q52 Violet Night.

2015-01-12 GOSH-Q52

About this eyelook:

Interesting enough, from this eyelook, it is hard to tell that it has much to do with the “violet” palette name. I chose to use the lower two colors in this palette. I used the bottom left– cool toned gold all over the lid. Then blended the bottom right– reddish light violet color(very hard to discribe :[) into the crease a bit as well as in the outer V part. The most interesting color in this palette is the bottom right one. It is kind of duo chrome but quite subtle, because the reflective chrome is very soft– a pale gold. The base color is almost like bruise purple(yes! It is more like it!). Because the sheen of the bottom right one is almost the same as the bottom left, so when blending these two together, it seems seamless and creates a very nice gradiance of shadow in the outer V area 😀

And here’s the products I used to create this look and full face look:

2015-01-12 GOSH-Q52  Products

2015-01-12 GOSH-Q52  Eyes Closed

2015-01-12 GOSH-Q52  Eyes Open

I quite like the two looks from this palette. Both are a bit interesting than “boring” earthy tone eyeshadow colors, nevertheless still stand on a natural look 🙂 What do you think? Please let me know~~

One Wink At A Time-Gosh quattro eye shadow-Q52

Last year around november, I started to clean up a bit of my makeup collection. I haven’t managed to purge a lot of products cuz a lot of them are so dear to my heart. Especially those eyeshadow palettes. I touched and swatched a lot of them on hand, and got into using those “old” palettes only lying in drawer again. Then I saw a great project on Instagram from @fifibeautyocd. She started to use some palettes which were not so often reached for in her makeup collection. I thoguht, wow, I shall follow this hash tag! So here it is!

I would like to take out one palette at a time, do a bit of swatches and do at least one makeup look with it. If I have any thoughts , I will be reviewing a bit about this product.

One Wink At A Time-Gosh quattro eye shadow-Q52

2015-01-07 GOSH-Q52

About this eyelook:

I used the upper two eyeshadows in this palette to be the “point” colors. I used the light lavender color all over the lid then put the dark–almost grey purple color along the lashline till the outer V to make the eyelook purple themed 😀 Then I added one brow bone highlight color and a warm taupe purple crease blending color to complete this look.

About this eyeshadow palette:

This palette’s brand is a Denmark makeup brand, it is sold in the Kruidvat in the Netherlands. I have tried quite some products from this brand, the eyeshadow quads range has some quite interesting colors. To my personal opinion, the eyeshadow are not as dry as some other western makeup brands. The textures of eyeshadows are quite smooth, but light pigmented. And different colors has different textures. It somehow is a bit similar to some asian brands– especially some Japanese drug store brands’ eyeshadow products. Thus it is very easy for newbies to use and not making too much mistakes since it is not crazily pigmented. But the good thing about its pigmentation–they don’t fade that easily like some Japanese drugstore brands’ eyeshadows. Or in another word, they have quite good staying power.

Then here follows the full face look and products I used:

2015-01-07 GOSH-Q52  Products

2015-01-07 GOSH-Q52  Eyes Closed

2015-01-07 GOSH-Q52  Eyes Open

I will post another look with this palette using the lower two colors in a few days :>